Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Medium presents a fundraising auction
“Night Owl and Early Bird"
Friday, July 11th from 7:00pm - 11:00pm “Night Owl”
Saturday, July 12th from 10 am- 1pm “Early Bird”- Art Auction

I will be participating both days.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

be@r brick

These combine two of my favorite things. I love it.

Cry Tour 2008. Exhibit a.



Friday, May 16, 2008

LED lights. Exhibit a.

Louis Vuitton Storefront, 5th Ave.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Saturday, September 08, 2007

the great wall of mexico 48x44in

Shall I leave my ghostly borracho with its anonymity or shall I make him a little more sincere and sympathetic with his eyes peeking over the wall? Anonymity gives the painting a more assertive aesthetic.

Im really excited with the newspaper collage! Its teeming with life like a coral reef. Fucking boatload of stimulants to see/read within the collage. The snipits of color and advertisments and mexican newspaper articles add this early pop art sensibility to slightly downplay the forceful censoring of the borracho. It almost looks like grafitti on a barbed wall. Coooool.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ive been thinking about that study group's report about the wrong doings in Iraq.
When al qaeda and osama bin laden were pointed out as the perpetrators of the twin tower attacks,
we were told by our government they would be brought to justice
so they invaded iraq whose government had nothing to do with al qaeda or with any radical religious fanaticism at all
under false pretenses, and made up lies about the weapons of mass
destruction they were supposed to have which were a threat to the usa which iraq had none of
so they bomb the hell out of iraq
then they find saddam hussein in a hole with a big bushy beard and some snickers candy bars and
it is supposed to have some bearing on the tragedy of sept 11th?????
for some reason completely beyond me there are those out
there who still think the invasion of iraq was somehow justified.

maybe the US really can train the iraqi troops and quiet the insurgents
maybe it is possible to have peace over there
maybe it is possible they can have their own government
maybe love is better than war
maybe there are other solutions besides dropping bombs on people.
maybe there doesnt need to be dead children in the streets.
maybe the US government can have a department of PEACE
as well as a department of defense?

Sea change #3

This one has been in a few shows including an upcoming one in Aug 2007 here in Austin TX. It currently resides at the home of My Deathcar
I hope his cats dont scratch it up.

Sea Change #1 and #2 are lost at sea.

Monday, December 11, 2006

this past weekend was filled with much much joyous jubilation
in honor of my dear friend patrick
i also got to meet some really nice lovely people
(hi christina brandi steven!)
but before the weekend came to a close i went out to dinner
with two friends
one of those friends was matt
matt duncan is someone i truly admire
i mean i respect all my friends but he is one of the people i respect the most
he is the most kindest most gentlest most humble most honest person i have ever met
he doesnt hold the slightest bit of resentment/anger/hate for anyone or anything
despite all the hardships he has faced and is facing
he is a man of science and an exceptional artist
he draws and makes music full of ambient electronic blips and bleeps
with complex textures and atmospheres from all over the cosmos
he once mixed kraftwerk's computer world album
with dark side of the moon
his skills on the turntables will take you to that place between waking and dreaming
we have spent countless nights at his place
partaking in science experiments/art/reading/delicious vegetarian meals/illicit activities
he expanded my realm of thought incredibly
and how to tolerate
and to breathe like a monk living in a cave in the himalayan mountains
and sleep like a hibernating bear

if you want to enjoy people/animals/nature more
if you want more attention paid to your needs
if you want to have more of an impact in your community
you should meet matt duncan
even if only for 10 minutes